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Sit Down and Just Get it Done!

You know what...?

I'll just admit it. I have no idea what to post for a vlog this week.

And that will be the subject of this, because I have seen so many posts on LinkedIn that are about teaching folks how to create content or what to say to their audience.

To those familiar with the video I made in context with this blog post, you'll know that I spent 30 minutes that morning, inside my studio, trying to figure out what to say to my audience.

For that video, although it took me a while, I did figure it out. I think you need to just sit down, and get it done. Talk about whatever is currently on your mind, whether you think it brings value or not. Just spew it all out into the universe.

I will tell you, that morning, I did create a different video. I had recorded it, edited it, and put my brand logo over it. As it turns out, I wasn't even conveying the correct message. I didn't speak to my audience.

Did I let that discourage me? Of course. It's hard not to. But if I focus on trying to be perfect, will I ever really get anything done? I want to create content. I want to create videos for people and I want to be more active on social media. Unless I actually sit down and DO it, it won't get done.

That video was a perfect way for me to still showcase my personality and drive, while being able to show some vulnerability.

If you're struggling with creating content or wondering what to say, just know that you're not alone. If you're not sure what to post, rant about being unsure of what to post. At the end of the day, you will have still created SOMETHING.

Just do it. Don't give up. Just do the damn thing. Get it done.

Have a beautiful day.

C.J. Merritt

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