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Your Goals (and A Dream Board)

Secret time? I'm a huge window shopper. I love looking at real estate. I adore 'city life' and experiencing new food at new restaurants. I find these things to be a huge motivator for me. They provide a drive for me to want to work harder. I'll sometimes take the family out for a drive by the beach just to give myself this feeling of hopefulness.

Writing this out feels weird since I'm not sure if a lot of people vibe with what I'm saying, but I think those things matter when it comes to building your business or making your dreams come true.

(I'm humoring myself at the thought of all the people reading this and most of them thinking, 'Yeah, no duh C.J. We all do that. You're EXTREMELY late to the party')

I recently purchased a giant magnetic white board for my office that allows me to jot down my ideas and attach pictures of the things I want in life. It's got some houses, some cars, and list of all the things I'd like to get for my family as I slowly build up my business. I'm always adding onto this board as well since it doubles as my “To Do” list.

Do you have a dream board or a list of goals that you utilize on a daily basis for motivation?

C.J. Merritt

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