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Do You Need To Outsource?

Hey! Let's talk about outsourcing.

If you don't know what outsourcing is, it's basically hiring other people to do your work for you! And while I understand that's basically a layman's definition, but as a freelancer or a business owner, your schedule is pretty much always packed.

Well, probably not at the beginning. If you're just starting out on your ventures, you probably have way more time on your hands that you anticipated, right? So you don't need to hire someone to send out invoices, or pay your bills, or collect leads, or maybe even send out emails to your clients, you know? You have time to do all of that on your own.

But there's a high chance that once you start getting busy in your chosen field, you're not gonna have time to follow up with all those things I just listed. At that point, it might be time to look at the cost factor of hiring someone to take care of a couple of those tasks.

I think one of the main questions that you need to first ask yourself is, do you even need to outsource? There may be aspects to the job that you don't like doing, but if you can save yourself a few bucks by not outsourcing the task and doing it yourself during some downtime, then why not?

Anyways, that's all. Short and sweet. Have a beautiful day.

C.J. Merritt

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