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Referrals and References

Let's talk about referrals and references, shall we?

When you're gathering up new leads, how do you address referrals to other companies or people? Not every lead you reach out to will require the services you offer, but perhaps there is somebody that they know who can benefit from your resources. How do you go about finding that information?

(No seriously, I have no idea how to do this. Give me all your tips!)

What I can speak about, is having a network of other people who can provide the same services I do, whenever I don't fit the casting call notes or just can't seem to get the read down exactly as the client wants it. I can't count the amount of times that I've had clients reach out to me, asking if I know someone who can speak a specific language, or fits a specific voice age. And I'm always happy to lend a hand and send out my own casting call to find some talent for my own client.

Not only can I provide an excellent service, but now I become more valuable by opening up my own network for them to access. It becomes a great back and forth and builds a fantastic relationship.

And guess what? Maybe there's a time that you get an email from a new client who was referred to you by the same person you helped...It's happened to me, and it feels damn good when it does. Who doesn't like building their network and growing their income?

That's all. Stay awesome everyone.

C.J. Merritt

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