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Every month, on the first Wednesday, I meet up with my accountability group. We discuss last months goals, what we accomplished, what we learned, our struggles for the month, and what we've listed as our goals for the next month. The group is comprised of 7 awesome individuals, including myself, and offers different P.O.V.'s from different perspectives. It's really amazing. You leave the 2 hour meeting feel rejuvenated and motivated to get back to work.

What do you do to hold yourself accountable? Or if you're not very good at managing yourself, do you have a partner that you have phone calls with, or maybe meet up at a coffee spot to talk shop?

When I first started voice over, I quickly found out that I didn't have anyone close acquaintances to relay any issues or talk about VO related subjects with. Sure, people can listen and try to understand what you're going through, but if you're not familiar with the lingo, practices, and overall nature of the industry itself, the information can only go so far for those not involved.

It wasn't until I had been invited by Marc Scott to become part of his Mastermind groups that I got to get my first taste of accountability. Getting that extra push of motivation each month was super beneficial. Not to say it comes off in a mean or vindictive way, but when you're questioned as to why you didn't accomplish something you had put onto your list last month, and now have to push it to next month? It can show you what's really important to you or your business. You really do feel the pressure. Pressure, not to fail, but to know that you're now actually being made to accomplish the tasks you put on your business for the next few weeks or month.

If you're having a hard time, I'd recommend trying to find a partner or colleague who'd be willing to do some weekly phone calls and talking about what you'd like to accomplish.

C.J. Merritt

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